Being Brave

So this is my first post ever! Just to be upfront, I have no idea what I am doing.

I am currently a stay-at-home Mom, to a two year old daughter and nine month old son. I have the pleasure of also watching my one year old niece most weekdays. In my down time I  recently started a craft business and am taking accounting classes. So why not throw in a Blog?!

All aspects of my life right now require me to be brave! Although each of those things do not seem frightening on their own (well maybe three littles is scary) when all the aspects of  life team up on me or are all written down on my to-do list, I feel afraid. Afraid that I can’t, that there isn’t enough time, something will suffer, people won’t get it or even care. But then I remember I’m a Boss! I can,  I will make the time, these things are important to me and my future! The universe has drawn me to this exact moment in time to start my business, Hustle Darling, add on the book club and collaborative Blog, face three tiny bosses each day, and get my accounting Degree. I figured today was a good enough day to take a step toward my goal. This page isn’t perfect, but it is up and marked off my list. I have created a fun safe place to share with the world, not just for myself but also for the other bloggers in my tribe.

I did a brave thing today and will do a new brave thing tomorrow.

Be brave too!