Thanksgiving celebration


Thanksgiving kicks off the holiday season and really gets us in the mood for family gatherings, food, and fun all the way through the New Year. Each year we make our way to Thanksgiving at my parent’s house. We enjoy lunch, a little day drinking, and lots of laughs. The cousins play, Nonnie & Abuela bustle about the kitchen until the food is ready,  and couples chat while laughing at the kids. It’s a good time! So I wanted to dress my littles nicely but also comfy enough for a cozy day in with family.

img_1066Bobby strutted his stuff throughout the living room in a dark green pair of corduroy pants from H&M. We scooped these up on clearance at the beginning of summer for just $3.00! I love a good deal, which I think is why these have ended up being a favorite for fall/ winter. The top is a customized onesie from Mom’s Hustle Darling Boutique, it reads “Mama’s little turkey.” The wording was a difficult choice, since there are a ton of festive phrases for Thanksgiving, but we ultimately went with this one since his sister wore the same phrase last Thanksgiving. Who doesn’t love a good photo comparison for later in life?! Little man finished his outfit with a pair of brown surprize by stride rite sneakers. This brand is sold at several different stores and online sites like Amazon and eBay; but we were gifted this pair from a friend. In this house we proudly rock hand-me-downs.

Betty’s Thanksgiving look has a few more pieces than Bobby’s. Now that she’s two, she has more input on what she does and doesn’t like to wear; which means y’all are going to see tons of dresses throughout our Texas Toddlers posts. This sweet off-white dress is Cat & Jack brand, sold at Target, but we scored it at our local Once Upon A Child. She paired it with navy blue, knee high socks and brown fringe boots. Since it was between 50-60 degrees in the heart of Texas today, we accessorized with a Petty Betties (cutest shop name ever!!) toddler scarf and B^3 Wraps cream sparkle bow. The material used for the bow wrap matches the dress perfectly (use code Betty to save on all your purchases from the B^3 site.)

Cute & comfy was today’s theme for the holiday. Both littles felt confident and received tons of compliments, but the best part of Thanksgiving was definitely spending time with family.

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