First trip to the movies

So I’m sure, if you guys have kids in your life, you know that Disney’s smash hit Frozen had a sequel (Frozen 2) premiere in theaters recently. My daughter & niece love frozen, huge surprise I’m sure. They pretend to be the dynamic sister duo all throughout play time, they read Frozen books, sing Frozen songs, my daughter even insists on having Anna bread for breakfast (the bread wrapper has subtly started putting characters on it….and it’s working we have Frozen bread, well played HEB) it’s nuts. So obviously I had to dress them in full character gear and take them to the sequel for their first ever trip to the movie theater.

My daughter digs Princess Anna. She has started introducing herself as “Princess Anna” and even corrects me when I call her Betty. So Anna was an obvious choice, we grabbed her a Princess Anna costume at the Halloween and toy liquidation store during their after Halloween sale (75% off.) This kit included the adventuring winter dress and pink cape Anna picks up on her way to find Elsa in the original movie. Anna buys this dress in the scene where she first meets Kristoff. Betty is a girly girl and normally wears piggies & a bow which is worked out because Anna rocks pigtails too! Betty’s Frozen bow is from B^3 Wraps (use code Betty to save when shopping their site.)

Betty dubbed my niece, Claire, Princess Elsa while playing one day and it stuck! Claire is only 18 months old and it was difficult finding a costume that small so we grabbed an Elsa dress for her from Amazon. The train on this one was my favorite part!!! This is the dress Elsa switches to while singing her epic solo “Let it go” (if you didn’t read that in song form, we can’t be friends.) Claire paired her dress with a sparkly white headband but, in true Elsa fashion, opted for a crown over a bow.

Anna & Elsa wouldn’t be the same without Olaf. Betty & Claire wouldn’t be the same without Bobby! our little Olaf was so chill about wearing his costume. I honestly thought it was going to be so hard to get a picture but I actually had a more difficult time with the Princesses. The Halloween liquidation store is also where we snagged this three piece set:

• White body suit with brown sleeves (branches)

• Fluffy snowman body

• Velcro Olaf face/ hat

Bobby paired this with his brown stride rite sneakers (the same ones from our Thanksgiving post.) He actually wears these sneakers a lot since they can easily be dressed up or down.

We decided on the Waco Hippodrome since it’s our favorite local theater. I remember coming to the Hippodrome, in fourth grade, to watch the Nutcracker. Getting to leave school for the day and getting dressed up (little lace gloves and everything) with my bestie is one of my favorite memories. But that was before it was renovated and turned into a movie theater. Now they have movie screens, reclining seats, and waitstaff that brings you appetizers, burgers, sandwiches, candy or even beer throughout the movie; you never have to leave your super comfy chair. We made it a family affair including my niece, her parents, my tribe of 4, and the grandparents. I think we set the bar for going to the movies pretty high but it was totally worth it. Everyone had so much fun. Even Bobby who slept through the entire movie.

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