Heather Bennett

Heather was working as a rose girl when I originally met her, yes, the girl that comes to your table when you’re on a date at a bar or restaurant and asks if they would like to buy you a rose. This girl has superior sales skills, so you better believe she always sold out! Heather soon started waitressing where I worked, and we became fast friends. Her sweet demeanor and kind spirit drew me in almost instantly. I love being around people that lift you up. As long as I’ve known Heather she has always hit everything with at least 110%. Over ten years have passed since our friendship started and now she is a full time dental hygienist, in business with the popular beauty brand Younique. (My favorite product is Epic 4D mascara) A health coach for weight loss & healthy living, and topping all of that off she’s a phenomenal Wife and Mother. I am so proud of what Heather’s helpful heart and intense work ethic have brought to her life. Check out her interview below to see how Heather uses all of her knowledge and skills to make the world feel more beautiful.


HD: What is your daily routine?

HB: My daily routine involves me waking up going to my awesome full time job. When I get off I pick up my little from daycare and come home to cook dinner and answer any questions my clients have.

HD: How does that work? Where do you find the time for so many roles?

HB: I put in the hours and enjoy helping people with any problems or questions they have. I enjoy making people feel beautiful. Finding time to fill so many roles is hard, I usually try to pick days and times to post or reach out. For example I do not work on the weekend or on Monday. Those days I use for any questions or help needed. I do feel burnt out at times, and I recharge by taking a step away and spend time with my family.

HD: What does being/feeling beautiful mean to you?

HB: Building self- confidence for my clients through beauty makes me feel happy, important, and worthy of people’s time. If I had to describe being and feeling beautiful, I would describe it as feeling wonderful and happy. Sometimes, I wake up and think man today I have bags under my eyes…but after I put my makeup on… I feel like I don’t mind taking a picture. I feel beautiful after I put makeup on, it makes me feel presentable and well put together. Which is amazing for my mood and my mental health. Being and feeling beautiful is a full circle of my health.


HD: But how do those of us not feeling beautiful get started?

HB: Of course if you need uplifting, reach out to me. I am all about empowering people to be and look there best! My second recommendations for anyone not feeling beautiful would be to try a full makeup makeover and to start eating healthy. Learning something new and gaining a hobby (I found this in makeup and makeup application) will lift your spirits, which will in turn will help to achieve more confidence and self worth. Plus eating healthy makes your skin glow.

HD: Do you have a favorite product?

HB: I have so many favorite products it is hard to choose. But if I had to limit my decision I’d say my must haves would be:

  • Uplift beauty oil – this puts vitamins and healthy minerals back into my face and makes my skin feel amazing. It also helps with reducing wrinkles.
  • The exfoliating and hydrating mask also are 2 of my favorites! I like to use the exfoliating mask once a week to remove dead skin in addition to preventing and reducing wrinkles. I then use the hydrating mask after the exfoliating mask to re-hydrate the skin , which helps with dry skin and bags under my eyes.
  • 4D mascara: I seriously have never used a mascara that makes my lashes look as full and long as our 4d mascara!! Seriously is the best.
  • The last of my favorites are my Optavia snacks and family! The snacks help me on busy days and really helped me lose the stubborn baby weight that was hanging around for almost 3 years! I just love that all the vitamins I need are already in the meals and snacks. It feels nice to be eating something on the go but still healthy.

HD: Any left over time for hobbies?

HB: Unfortunately, I do not have anytime for hobbies. I like to make vinyl t-shirt designs and sew baby blankets. I also enjoy crocheting and working out. The only hobby I have time for since having my son (that is almost 3) is working out, and that is only because I make time at work.

HD: What sparked you to peruse all of your endeavors?

HB: My spark honestly comes from my desire to make people feel beautiful in their skin! I love watching people light up with joy when they find something that works for them. I love making people happy! It always starts with a light bulb coming on in my head and talking about something I’m passionate about. I am very passionate about teeth. I have always had a passion for fitness and even was a personal trainer before and during hygiene school. My passion and love for makeup just came to me recently. I did not know that I would enjoy makeup so much, or being able to create different looks while making people feel younger and flawless everyday.

HD: Who are your role models?

HB: Honestly, I have too many role models to name! Anyone who is stronger then I am is my role model. I strive to be better everyday and I know that I have something to learn from every single person!

HD: Any obstacles or setbacks you have had to deal with along your journey?

HB: I run into obstacles on a daily basis, however no one said life was going to be easy. I enjoy the journey and lessons. You have to walk the path to get to where your going. The obstacles and set backs are only small hills compared to the mountains I will climb.

HD: * Pauses to take in that last quote* “The obstacles and set backs are only small hills compared to the mountains I will climb.”

HD: YAAAAAAAAAS girl, That is the level of confidence and expectation I want to have for myself! I want my daughter (and son) to feel that strong! Have you always been this fearless or is it a trait you’ve had to develop over time? If so what did you do to build up yourself up?

HB: Honestly, I haven’t always been confident, but as the years go by I always enjoy reading or listening to personal growth articles. Personal growth always seems to help everything seem so small and easy to tackle. I also have to give credit to my husband, who is my back bone in everything and is absolutely awesome! It sure helps when you have someone in your corner with you.


HD: What have you learned from these experiences and opportunities?

HB: I’ve learned that life is an adventure and that you can’t just start out in a sprint. The good things come slowly and there’s always a lesson to learn along the way.

HD: Any advice for our readers?

HB: My advice is this , if you are dreaming about something special … you should take the leap. No one ever achieved their dreams by not making changes in their life. If you are interested in the wonderful opportunity of getting to play with makeup for work, then reach out to me here. If you are interested in getting healthy, losing weight without working out, and living your most optimal life then contact me here or visit my website at heathermariebennett.com