Keri White

This week’s bosslight is shinning on Keri White. Her family lived down the block from mine when we were kids, they moved in when I was in the third grade. I spent majority of summer breaks at their house and her younger sister is now God Mother to my daughter. For as long as I can remember Keri is the closest thing I’ve ever had to an older sister. I wanted to be just like her growing up and spoiler alert I still look up to her over 20 years later. Keri is an inspiration on so many levels. She’s an amazing wife and mother of four, (yes FOUR beautiful children) she teaches a young girls program at her church, has a full time career with Waco ISD, and is the sole owner/ operator of Keri’s Kreations. Even with a full schedule Keri was able to develop her love of baking into a full blown business, making THE BEST cakes, cupcakes, and cookies in the Waco area. (check out the treats she recently made for Bobby’s birthday here) Not only are her desserts delicious, but they are almost too pretty to eat.  Keep reading to hear her story and learn how she manages to devote herself to faith, family, and business without skipping a beat.The white familyHD: Please tell the readers a little bit about yourself.

KW: I’m Keri White also know as Mommma, Mom, Mommy, and Babe. Family roles I play include being a Wife, Mom (Booger wiper, hiney cleaner, booboo kisser, story teller, dinner maker, & cheerleader) professionally I am a Human Resources Coordinator & Owner and Baker of Keri’s Kreations. Human Resources is the department of a business or organization that deals with the hiring, administration, and training of personnel. My focus as the Coordinator of Personnel deals with hiring and orientating new employees, verifying certification compliance, state reporting, and Positions control compliance. Keri’s Kreations is my in-home business of specialty cakes and goodies. As a baker and cake designer, I get to express myself in a creative fun way that makes other people happy. The two most satisfying aspects of my work are first, when I finish and photograph my cakes, the feeling of excitement and accomplishment it brings me. Second is when I share the cake with the customer seeing the excitement and joy I was able to deliver.img_20200126_175257_017387504950616707010.jpg

HD: What is your favorite baked good to make?

KW: I really enjoy creating kid’s cakes

20200111_2219251692290327049346261.jpgrainbow cake

HD: And favorite to eat?

KW: Obviously my chocolate cake.

HD: What is important for making the perfect cake? 

KW: Mixing time, the temperature of your butter when making frosting, and real Mexican vanilla.cakespace cake

HD: What does your daily routine look like?

KW: Depends on the day but to sum it up 6:00 am wake up and then coffee with a round of “it’s time to get up” followed by hugs kisses snuggles and Disney music. Finally, we get dressed and fix hair (hardest part of the morning). My husband typically works early to accommodate Hope’s gymnastic schedule, so I am the deliverer of all four children to four different locations in the morning. Then off to work 8-5 emails, meetings, on-boarding, smiles, memos, and greetings. Tuesday/ Thursday are 3 ½ hour gymnastic practices. Monday/ Thursday are Ean’s Basketball Practices. Tuesday/ Friday are Jays Basketball games. Wednesday night is reserved for church. On Wednesday I volunteer to teach small group lessons during AWANAS at Bosqueville Baptist Church. Saturdays are currently filled with gymnastic meets, basketball games, powerlifting meets and cake baking. If by chance (which is rare) we have a break in the day on Saturday the husband and kids tend to want to be outside. As a family outside we hike trails, play soccer or football, go to the track or play at the park. Sunday is for church, baking, football and if permissible shark

HD: Woah, keeping track of all that could be a job in its own. Anytime left for hobbies?

KW: Travel and photography, I truly only work to afford my children and my travel habits!

HD: What is your inspiration for doing so much?

KW: God, My Husband and My Children.the white family

HD: Any setbacks or obstacles? How did you get past them?

KW: Seriously this could be a book!

  • Loss of my brother when I was 15 (life outlook changed a lot)
  • Child at 19
  • Growing distance and lack of relationship with the lord
  • Divorce at 23
  • Child at 24 Single Mom with two kids and no education wanting something better for my children.

At this point in my life, my little sister called (a phone call I will never forget) and convinced me to go back to school. She asked me to move in with her in Stephenville so that I could attend Tarleton State University. She worked her class schedule with mine and worked with her friends (now my very dear friends) to help me with child care so that I too could attend school. She also lined up employment for me in the field of home healthcare. She helped me find myself and showed me the potential I had and always pushed me to do more. This is also where I rekindled my relationship with the Lord and learned to go to him for all things. I am thankful for the love and support that was given to me by many members of the church. Tarleton is also where I met Corey, my husband. We have knocked down barriers together for the last ten years. Tarleton is also where I met Dr. Lori Anderson, my advisor, and professor in sociology. Who at first scared the mess out of me. She confronted me about a poor paper I submitted in her class (Deviant Behavior) during my first semester at Tarleton. Her words to me were “What is this Shit?” (embarrassment and shock) this made me question if I should have come back to school. I am sure my face probably expressed my thoughts or something similar. Dr. Anderson followed her statement, and my blank stare back, with you need to come to my office after class. Talk about the longest class ever. In her office, she loaded me up with her personal books over grammar and writing structure. She checked on me often and always encouraged me to learn more and improve with each assignment. When I graduated with my Bachelors of Science in Sociology with a Minor in Criminal Justice. Dr. Anderson then shared with me that I would be working on my Master’s degree next, to which I responded: “No I’m Not”. I was happy to have finished school but she had a different plan for me. I am forever grateful to the woman than believed in me and led me to my Master In Human Resources Management. Which has open numerous door in my life.20200117_1849387224656631337097237.jpg

HD: Do you have any role models or anti- role models?

KW: My role models: Terry Ives (My Step-Father), My little sister Kayla Donnell. Dr. Lori Anderson, Kelly Kaldenbach, and Dr. Rhonda McWilliams. I have previously mentioned Kayla and Dr. Anderson but Kelly and Rhonda are two role models of mine that may not even be aware of how much I look up to them. Talk about extremely intelligent women with hearts of gold.

HD: What have you learned?

KW: God has far better plans for me than what I had for myself. “If being successful was easy we’d all be doing it” Having a sister was one of God’s greatest blessing in my life.img_20200126_175308_011357231275703627205.jpg

HD: Any advice for our readers?

KW: Pray often and never give up on any dream you wish to pursue.

HD: Any big things planned for 2020?

KW: There is always something coming up in my life like daily. Did you see my daily routine? I do however, have a wedding cake coming that I am super excited to make and career wise a goal of becoming a Director within the next year.