Precious Day

wp-15809545814712529716522485044874.jpgDo you guys know “that girl” the one with the perfect eyebrows, great skin, and amazing style? I definitely do, I met her while working in the wonderful world of promos. I was intimidated by her beauty and confidence at team meetings and a little nervous to work our first shift together. What I was not expecting to find out was “that girl” was crazy smart, kind, and super driven. No joke, she would run circles around the bros when presenting brand facts. We represented a popular lite beer at the time, so seeing the look on the faces of all the craft beer snobs after getting schooled by a total babe was priceless. Precious Day is “that girl” and I am lucky enough to have gone from her co-worker to a friend. The women I met while promo-ing are hard workers and put up with absolutely zero bull; so it’s not surprising that they’ve gone on to do big things. Precious is no exception, she has become immensely successful with the naturally based, anti-aging brand Monat! Since moving away from Austin, I’ve had to cheer her on from afar; but through social media I’ve watched Precious connect customers with the right products, and bring amazing opportunities to her team. The best part is she is paying it forward by coaching other women to increase sales and confidence! Keep reading to check out how Precious has manifested herself into a total Boss.

HD: Monat/ network marketing, how does that work?

PDAY: I have a brand partnership with an anti-aging, non-toxic hair care and skin care company. I share products that I use and love with friends and family and others in my network. I also utilized social media platforms to share the products and opportunity as well as expand my network.

HD: Was learning to navigate social media platforms for business difficult?

PDAY: Yes & No. Yes it was challenging at first but there are so many resources online, YouTube can practically teach you anything! In my company we are provided with a ton of training to aid in navigating social media and marketing and I work with the most amazing women who are always happy to help and want to see you succeed. So I also say “No” because if and when you really want something you will go out and find it.

HD: Okay so, tell us a about your daily routine?

PDAY: I get up and let out my dogs, I spend some time journaling and setting my intention for the day. When my husband gets up I make breakfast or smoothies for us and he heads into his office to work and I get some house work done; what ever needs cleaning or attention. I then have some time to tend to my business and I’ll check emails and direct messages as well as check in with my team, usually send them a little morning motivation and check my back office. I make some connections online or do my first post of the day. That is usually followed by a shower and making lunch. After lunch I dedicate one – two hours to what I call IPA’s (income producing activities). Mid afternoon is usually dedicated to running errands and in the evenings I have team calls or training calls before winding down for the day.

HD: What sparked your interest in network marketing?

PDAY: I watched Trung (my husband) make is own schedule and run his day the way he wanted, and I wanted that freedom also. I didn’t know how or what I was going to do to make that happen but I’d like to think I manifested the opportunity to be my own boss and partner with a brand that I am passionate about.

HD: How did you make it happen? What was the journey like getting here?

PDAY: I was introduced to a product that was non-toxic and vegan, we live in an era where we are more concerned with the chemicals and ingredients that we put on and in our body so naturally I was interested in trying out the products. After using them for 6 weeks I was honestly blown away. I always had “good” hair but with these products I was obsessed with my hair and feeling super confident. So I decided I would try out a partnership with the brand, that was over a year ago and I am still obsessed but not only with the products and results that they deliver but also the opportunity and helping others!

HD: Favorite products?

PDAY: ALL OF THEM! But really it is so hard to choose just one but if I must… okay I can’t choose just one so i’ll choose two!

Rejuvanique Oil – It’s a proprietary blend of 13+ essentials oils highly compatible with skin and hair, it is the base of most of our products and I use it on EVERYTHING!!
Blow Out Cream – I have a TON of hair and this magical styling product provides heat protection, cuts my blow drying time in half and gives me that salon blow out finish, I’m obsessed.

HD: A lot of people have a sour taste in their mouth about network marketing and sales, have you had any setbacks or obstacles?

PDAY: Oh for sure, there have been many. First there was some resistance from my husband but once I shared my vision and showed him my passion we were able to work through it. Also just rejection in general can get tough but I learned that not everyone will see my vision or even support me and to always remember why I’m doing what I’m doing. The community I have through this opportunity is also a HUGE help and support, were all on a similar journey and it helps to have them to relate and refer to when things get rough, they keep me accountable and motivated.

HD: Pros & cons (if any) of being your own boss? Whats your favorite part of being your in charge of your own business?

PDAY: Pros: Working from anywhere, not having to ask for time off, just the overall freedom of it all. My favorite part is that I get to decide what my days look like, no one tells me when or where to be, its wonderful!

Cons: Other people don’t understand that it’s a lot of work and requires sacrifice to have a successful business so its not uncommon to be mocked or not understood in this journey.

HD: Any big things planned for 2020?

PDAY: This year I will earn a paid for Cadillac and all inclusive travel for myself and some of my partners!

HD: What has this venture taught you so far?

PDAY: Oh man. I’ve learned a lot. Network marketing really highlights all your good and your bad, so I’ve learned that I have a lot to learn still and the personal development is constant, lol. But really my biggest take away so far is that I am in control of me and my feelings and reactions, that it is okay to not be okay sometimes but you have to get back up and get back on the horse or nothing changes.

HD: Do you have any role models or anti- role models?

PDAY: I grew up with mostly anti-role models, I was raised to survive not to succeed but 6 years ago I met my husband who has been a huge role model. He is loving, and very giving always trying to help the next person. I knew I wanted to be in a position to help people in need and also help them become their best self.img_62565524148437364523512.jpg

HD: Any advice for our readers?

PDAY:  3 things:

  1. Do personal development every single day
  2. If they don’t pay your bills, screw what they think of you and what you’re doing.


3 thoughts on “Precious Day

  1. Yes! I love this! P you have been such a inspiration to me and I love that I am able to work right along Side of you. This read was amazing but definitely doesn’t do justice on how awesome you truly are! Boss babe goals for life! ❤️


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