Raquel Orozocco

There are so many awesome women I met while working promotions. Many of which you will see featured throughout the Bosslight series. (If you haven’t read about Precious yet, click here.) These women are smart, hardworking, and know the value of a side hustle. One woman in particular is this week’s boss, Raquel Orozocco.


An Austin, TX native and Graduate of St. Edward’s University; she is no stranger to making things happen for herself and for others. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Raquel for years, originally meeting and working together on several of the same promotional teams. One thing I personally admire about her is that she always keeps her cool. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her feathers ruffled, that or she has the coldest poker face of all time. As fate would have it, I randomly noticed one of her social media posts explaining the need to complete some practice instruction before her official Pilates and Barre instructor exam. I volunteered and am so thankful she chose to work with me, not only did I get some time away from the pressures of my new role as a first time mom, but she was able to help me to start loving my body after not loosing my Betty weight as quickly as I expected. Raquel was such a wonderful instructor, patient without letting me slack off. I cherished every minuet she was able to spend with me and defiantly recommend her classes (now available online, thank you COVID 19). However, since the move (and having no life after becoming a mom) I’m keeping up with Raquel through social channels mainly an Instagram account she and a friend run: You can’t sip with us. Aside from lengthening spines, building confidence and being amazing, Raquel is also an enthusiastic traveler and dog mom. Check out her interview below and don’t forget to sign up for one of her classes.


HD: Give us a little preview of your typical day?

RO: I wake up, make some herbal tea, get ready then head to the gym or studio to teach class. Every day is different because I teach at different times but I always make time to workout myself and research or learn new moves to incorporate into my practice.

HD: Can you break down your role for us?

RO: I am a certified Barre and Pilates instructor. These are both different formats to help strengthen, lengthen and build core strength.

HD: What are your favorite classes to teach & to take?

RO: I love teaching Barre. The ability to choreograph to songs and keep you moving for an hour is my favorite. Music to me makes a class so I add anything from an oldie to a hip hop class. When I take classes I like to take a good spin class or I usually take a reformer class.

HD: What sparked your interest in becoming a fitness instructor?

RO: Staying healthy and active. The thought of also helping my family and others in their fitness journey.

HD: And what has your journey been like so far?

RO: My major was in Social Work and I had several jobs but Barre and Pilates was my go to after work. I had a hard instructor and loved how she taught which encouraged me to get certified. I also saw how much my body changed and my mental status changed that I got hooked and Wanted to offer that same feeling to others.


HD: What would you consider your teaching style to be?

RO: My teaching style I would say is innovative, upbeat and challenging. I try to learn and teach moves that are different and not traditional. I give modifications but if it doesn’t challenge you it is not going yo change you.

HD: Any setbacks or obstacles?

RO: I had a setback when getting my Pilates certification. This was the most intense, time consuming thing I was doing while having a full time job. I struggled to comprehend the material; all anatomy, the moves, and breathing. I had taken a basic Bio class in college and this science was on another level. I was encouraged to get through it and told that as an instructor I would be prouder at my job because I worked 10X harder to pass the certification and got through the obstacles to get there. This took 2 yrs plus 450 hours of training and learning, but I passed and love what I do.

HD: What have you learned from this experience?

RO: I learned that if I set my mind to it, not give up and have the proper people behind me supporting what I do I can make it.

you're only as old as your spine is flexible

HD: What are your hobbies?

RO: I love to be outdoors and adventure. When I take time off I love getting out and traveling the world, getting to learn different cultures, and meeting new people.

HD: Where have your favorite adventures been?

RO: I can’t think of one specific adventure as my favorite. Every place I have traveled to I have had had a different experience. Morocco my favorite was riding camels through the Sahara Desert, Turkey the amazing sunrise hot air balloon ride in Capadoccia, Bali the sunrises while you lay on the beach, Canada was the snowmobiling up the mountain to have a Yukon breakfast. There are so many more and hope the opportunity to create many more adventures!

HD: Do you have anything coming up or in the works?

RO: I am trying to figure out what is next. Now that teaching is the only thing I do I want to figure out what is next.

On top of ATX

HD: Who are your role models?

RO: My mom for sure is my role model. She has helped me through it all and is the kindest person ever. She will give everything up for me and I owe it to her to be like that one day.

HD: what is your favorite way to show kindness?

RO: I think showing respect. I am a Social Worker so deep in my heart I love helping people even if it’s small. I have always seen how my mom puts of others before her even a stranger and it has helped me stay grounded in showing kindness.

HD: Any advice for our readers?

RO: Take the risk. It is better to try than to keep wondering what if.